Ceramic workshop 

With shaky hand I began, it’s not as easy as I thought even when I wanted a more complicated piece I managed to complete this one! The color pink will turn red, purple into blue and green will appear after the final stage as green. 

Later after the workshop I had a quick bite in a restaurant located in the busy Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul. I over heard  conversation between two ladies which was sadly shocking, she went on briefing her friend in a sarcastic way saying ‘who would want to be with a crazy person like me!’ As her friend remained all ears she kept making fun of herself. I couldn’t stand her self abuse, thinking the color purple won’t turn blue without spending sometime inside the oven! Pressure and difficult circumstances changes people. Oh my… the way her life turned, speechless. 

By the time my 10 days journey ended I received an email from the art center apologizing for not being able to proceed to the final stage, there is an issue with the kiln, many artworks have been damaged. Sadly I couldn’t see the results I promised but I did like the journey of creating and I think I did well. 


Author: TheHmiles

Here and there.. now and then..

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