Rain drops and more chocolate

There’s so much comfort when listening to rain drops, ocean waves and thunder… I recently became big fan of nature sounds found on SoundCloud App, I must say it is soothing compared to human dialogue which in most cases lead to misunderstanding or conflict, where in the overhand listening to nature demands nothing but observing the different sounds nature has to offer — sometimes not even that. I personally find it stimulating specially when it’s 50° outside and there’s no chance in hell for rain! 

Just as much as fine chocolate can fix almost anything a good book could take you to a safer place, a warm green space. 

I have this wonderful book which I have read three times maybe four in the past few years, pages becoming loose by the years and turning yellow. Published 1997 by a writer I consider naive and yet he has his stunning way to hold the reader through the chapters till the end. Because I have all the time I figured why not read this book again! But as soon as I reached page 21 I paused, found myself in true struggle viewing the upcoming events of this novel made me feel blue, sad and disappointed, and I don’t wish to recall these feelings specially nowadays! Not that it’s a bad story.. but somehow it reflects my side story in away. So I circled page 21 and kept the book far from sight in search for something more joyful and fulfilling… 

back to listening to rain drops I guess and have more chocolate!