The blue house in Silivri

‘You need to come right away’ he said.I had a scheduled photo shooting for the magazine in few days however I think they could manage without me – with instructions over a video call maybe. The offer was tempting regardless the fact that I have to take care of a sick person. So I booked my flight and packed in a rush. Few hours later I am in Istanbul waiting for my ride to Silivri which is 90 minutes drive, an area I haven’t seen before and by the pictures he sent it sure worth the hassle. So here I am with total strangers, my father’s students taking me to him. 
As soon as I lay my eyes on that house he’s staying in I knew for sure this was it, this is the life… or perhaps I was in need for a vacation, it’s been a while. 

O It’s like I’ve been replaced with a new memory. Could that be possible! I’ve got a ‘to do list’ for work but didn’t feel the importance, it actually felt stupid and with no meaning. How can I say such a thing when I truly value my work! 

This adorable house is colored with blue, the perfect shade, with charming wide windows you can see the outdoor swimming pool through the front door! Two floors, three bedrooms three bathrooms and a walking closet, the living room is heavenly decorated with a wonderful fireplace. The kitchen has a window overlooking the neighbor’s house which colored purple. Who would color his house purple! But it complimented the marvelous different kinds of trees outside. 

O this house is Home for the next few days.

Speechless and wowed I kept. He took me in a tour showing me around and after dinner we had in a nice local restaurant he said ‘all I wanted is a company, you don’t have to babysit me all day. Do your thing and I’ll do mine’. ‘Are you kidding me’ I replied, ‘I’m not leaving this place all week!’ And I honestly never thought we’ll get along that well, we talked and laughed. I cooked in that lovely kitchen and never mind doing the dishes. I cleaned and managed the grocery so he can have fresh bread and fruits daily. We took long walks remaining all ears listening to his concerns, giving notes to his writings… 

I needed this kind of break just as much as he needed my company and I hope he gets better soon. We fly back home in few days for his next chemotherapy. As for now I appreciate the time we’re spending, creating memories to hold on to forever. 


Ceramic workshop 

With shaky hand I began, it’s not as easy as I thought even when I wanted a more complicated piece I managed to complete this one! The color pink will turn red, purple into blue and green will appear after the final stage as green. 

Later after the workshop I had a quick bite in a restaurant located in the busy Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul. I over heard  conversation between two ladies which was sadly shocking, she went on briefing her friend in a sarcastic way saying ‘who would want to be with a crazy person like me!’ As her friend remained all ears she kept making fun of herself. I couldn’t stand her self abuse, thinking the color purple won’t turn blue without spending sometime inside the oven! Pressure and difficult circumstances changes people. Oh my… the way her life turned, speechless. 

By the time my 10 days journey ended I received an email from the art center apologizing for not being able to proceed to the final stage, there is an issue with the kiln, many artworks have been damaged. Sadly I couldn’t see the results I promised but I did like the journey of creating and I think I did well. 

London’s Black Cabs 

He talked all the way from the airport till we reached the hotel about different random things – mostly politics. 
I kept nodding at most of the raised subjects. I disagreed with respect which made him more open and into discussing further details — OH NO PLEASE GOD. This time I kept quiet on my back seat listening to a total stranger, but as he speaks with such concerned tone he caught my attention finally! 
While he compares the voting system in U.S to UK, I was staring at the front mirror looking at parts of his face and hand expression, in his 60s I say, good looking, gray blue-ish eyes, sharp nose. He looked so attractive to be just a driver! he should be in sales at Tiffany’s or something! 

It all started when he asked my favorite question: Are you alright young lady? when I first entered the cab looking so distracted checking my mobile, checking my bags all is here, I finally made it in London saying to myself. I have to admit I get anxious as I grow when traveling alone. I used to enjoy it but no more, I rush into touching the ground. 
I must say this trip wasn’t planned well I missed arrange few things when I thought it’s smarter to exchange money from Qatar airport! My ATM card got blocked as the clock ticks rushing me to head to the next gate. I entered the wrong password not twice but three times — Oh boy this ain’t good. It lead me to go through my pocket and handbag only to find few Dinars and Riyals and Dollars.. what equals 115 pounds which is safely my ride to the hotel. Calling the bank didn’t help the callcenter staff said ‘you need to wait 24 hours to try again only this time you should enter the right password!’ Later in the plane… staring at my phone: please remember your password H…

Back to the taxi driver who also complained about the road constructions which I did noticed but didn’t care for, I agreed saying: ‘yeah, but eventually will turn alright’. 
I was tired and thinking how come it took 12 hours to reach London when it’s only 6 hours fly! I couldn’t bother calculating the miles.. my hand watch needs to be readjusted and so is my biological clock. I was thinking about tomorrow’s job interview as well, should I ask for a wake-up call? I am a bit hungry too.

‘Thanks and take care’ I said to him and head to the front desk for check in. 

The color black 

I have officially introduced to the color black when I moved and lived in Qatar 2012. My closet became 80% dark colors, mostly black. It wasn’t an option before that, surely not my favorite. By time I realized the huge dramatic change and wondered what happened? 
Here in Istanbul you can never miss the fact that the color black is people number one choice — plain black, strong and clear. Orhan Pamuk once said describing his home town ‘Istanbul, city of sadness…’ 
Preferring color over another definitely reflects our mood and hidden feelings and in some cases to fit within new circles, different cultures and so on… why do I need to analyze continuously wearing black when it’s simply because it’s a gorgeous color!


Not yet settled 

The journey of looking for a rental car begins from the airports. I’m gonna need a car now that I have two projects working on. Keeping in mind the word TEMPORARY – in bold, CAPS, LOUD and CLEAR – I do not wish to settle here. As I browse rental options I realized might as well exchange the different currencies I have in my purse. I look… umm this reminds me of when I was looking for the same thing back on Oct in Qatar #airport, when the ATM almost swallow my card due to entering wrong pass repeatedly! My bad, I blame early morning flights. So I decided to keep whatever currency I have – just in case. 
I like airports it’s where a chapter begins or ends…